Here are some common household electrical problems and solutions.

My power is out in my bathroom.
Answer: try resetting the GFCI outlet in your garage this is only a temporary fix as this part goes out frequently and should be replaced by a licensed electrician.

My breakers are hot.
Answer: call an electrician immediately to avoid an electrical fire.

My dimmer switch is very hot when I touch it.
Answer: the dimmer is probably overloaded and it should be removed from use or changed to one that is bigger that can handle the amount of lights it dims

My power to the bedroom is not working.
Answer: go to your panel and reset the breaker

How do I reset a breaker correctly?
Answer: first visually look at the breakers. Locate the one that is not all the way on or is in the center between off and on and turn the breaker all the way off then back on

My breaker will not stay on when I reset it.
Answer: call an electrician because there is another issue that needs to be fixed before the system will work correctly again.

My panel is really old should I replace it.
Answer: if your panel is a fuse type, federal pacific or a Zinsco panel then I recommend changing this panel out asap as these panels are known world wide to cause fire hazards. Please check out our link on Federal pacific equipment

My address light is out and I changed the light bulbs and they still are not working.
Answer: Have a licensed electrical Contractor change out the address light and the transformer in the garage.

I need an honest electrician that will not over charge me for repairs on my house.
Answer: Call Callidus Electric ASAP