The installation of a light fixture, or chandelier, can add an aesthetic value to your  home, making it more inviting and complete. But installation of chandeliers should be left to professional electricians, like those at Callidus Electric. Most chandeliers are installed in areas that are difficult to reach, making troubleshooting or repairs more costly than a professional installation. Of all the electrical fixtures in your home, leave the chandeliers to the professionals.

Installation Using Existing Wiring

Newer homes often have existing wiring already in place within major areas in your home that you may want to hang a chandelier. This is a straightforward process for our electrical contractors, and should only take a few minutes. We will ensure power to the source is off, install the chandelier and test it before we leave. It’s really that simple.

Installation Without Existing Wiring

If you want to place a chandelier in an odd place, or your home simply wasn’t wired with this in mind, your Callidus Electric contractor may need to run wiring. This is more involved than installing a chandelier using existing wiring, but is still fairly straightforward. First and foremost, your electrical contractor will ensure that the place you want to hang your chandelier can support the weight. Once that is confirmed they will begin running wire and getting wire to the place you want it to be.

Once installed and the chandelier has been confirmed that it is in good working order you may need some additional work to complete the project. If this is the case, your Callidus Electrical contractor will discuss this need prior to performing your service. We want to make sure there are no surprises, except with how beautiful it looks once we are complete.

If you want to install a chandelier or other lighting fixture within your home or on your property, trust the experience and expertise of Callidus Electric. Our electrical contractors will complete your project quickly and with ease.