Electrical Maintenance Contracts

We at Callidus Electric have created a maintenance program which will help you sleep at night. We come once every 6 months to inspect your electrical panel, GFCI outlets and smoke detectors. What this means to you is all of your electrical parts that seem to go bad or cause fires will be properly maintained so there will be little to no fires or faulty parts in your electrical system. By doing this it may bring your home owners insurance down and help keep that precious electrical safe all year long.

We will inspect your panel test your smoke detectors and your GFCI outlets to insure proper function. Any problems that we find after 6 months of service will be repaired with a 10% discount. New electrical panels cost 2000.00 to 5000.00 to replace in most homes. WE would do this repair for 10% less. Need a new GFCI outlet installed? Well, you would only pay for labor because you would save enough money on your service to get the GFCI outlet for free. A 35.00 value. There would be no overtime fees and no service call charges. Did you also know that if you do not have a proper working smoke detector in your house and your house catches on fire that your home owners insurance may not cover you? But with our program you would have proof of your proper electrical maintenance.

Call us today to insure your safety.