Electrical Panel Swaps

There are many reasons why you would want to swap out your electrical panel. You could need more power to your property. You could need more circuits from the box. Or your current box could be dangerous, damaged, or even obsolete. Regardless of why you need to swap, upgrade or update your electrical panel, Callidus Electric is the only company you need. Our electrical contractors are available to help you complete your electrical panel swap quickly and will work hard to minimize the outage at your property.

Should Your Electrical Panel Be Updated?

Knowing when your electrical panel should be swapped out or updated is essential to maintaining a well functioning electrical system on your property. With a properly functioning electrical panel you will reduce or eliminate tripping circuits, loosing connections and keep your property safe from malfunction and potential dangers. At Callidus Electric we have seen many different reasons why Las Vegas and Reno home owners and property owners should upgrade.

In some instances the home owner or property owner have attempted to fix circuit breaker trips by replacing them with larger circuit breakers. Unfortunately, many people don’t understand what the wire is rated to carry, and think that a larger circuit breaker is better. This could cause a dangerous situation leaving the potential for electrocution and shock as a result. We recommend contacting our electrical contractors to determine what your needs are and how to resolve your electrical panel issues.

Signs It Is Time To Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

If any of the following signs are happening at your home or commercial property, it may be time for you to upgrade or swap out your electrical panel. When in doubt it is always a good idea to contact Callidus Electric and have our electrical contractors provide a full review of your electrical system, and discuss what changes should be made to keep you safe and your electrical system in top notch order. Here is a list of some of the things that should trigger a call to our electricians.

  • Circuit Breakers Frequently Trip
  • Dimming of Lights When Switching on Appliances
  • Lack of Outlets in and Around Your Property
  • Property is 40 Years Old or More
  • Addition of High Power Consuming Appliances

It is important to keep in mind that older properties may have electrical panels that do not trip, and this can cause concerns for safety as well. When in doubt contact our team of electricians to check your system.