LED & Induction Lights

We are your local electrical contractor for installation of LED and Induction lights. There is no middle man with us. What this means to you is we do not pay other companies to perform this installation service saving you significantly compared to the prices other companies charge. We can help you to cut your costs down in your building, giving you that much more reason to choose this service. We know the math, we can tell you how much money you can save by going green. We specialize in the installation of LED and Induction lights.

Induction lights are high bay lights that use half of the energy that a standard Metal halide or sodium vapor uses without the delay start or without the long time of waiting for the lights to come back on if they are accidentally turned off or if you loose power. these are instant start. LED lights Need I say more. these lights are the ultimate money saver . We can install these lights cheaper then you can buy them off of the shelf. Let me help you save money.

Grow lights are a fast growing business. No pun intended. If you need lights for your survivalist skills or if you want to grow anything. Our lights produce up to 50% more product with only using 30% of the electrical that was used to make half as much. Imagine that Lights we helped design here in Nevada producing 50% more food with 70% less energy.