Meters and Panels

Callidus Electric offers our  years of experience and professional approach to each and every project we perform. This ensures that the customer is totally satisfied with workmanship and rates, but that each one is completely according to the most recent safety requirements and withstands any inspection. When you hire a Callidus Electric professional electrical contractor, you can rest assured that your meters and panels will be properly installed.

Callidus Electric expertise in power includes but not limited to:

  • Electrical Service Upgrade up to 4160 Volt.
  • Electrical Panel, New / Change.
  • Fuse Panel to Breaker Panel Upgrade.
  • 120 Volt and 240 Volt Branch Circuit Install (addition and new)
  • Adding electrical circuits into existing panel.
  • Switchgears installation.
  • Transformers installation.
  • Subpanels and added loads.
  • Replace feeder cables.

Load study to reduce your monthly electrical bill by reducing load on existing branch circuits. (You could save up to 35% of your monthly bill if your old wiring was overloaded).