Pool Lighting

There’s something that appeals to pool owners, tenants and guests that draws them to the swimming pool at night. For commercial and residential pool owners, having a well lit pool can help keep people safe and keep the fun going well after the sun goes down. But when a pool light dims or even burns out, the thought of changing the pool light can be a daunting task. Don’t let your pool lighting put a damper on your summer swim time. Contact the electrical contractors at Callidus Electric to install, repair, or swap out your pool lighting.

Types of Pool Lighting

There are different types of pool lights that may be used in your Las Vegas or Reno swimming pool, and the options for replacing or installing new pool lighting may allow more choice than you thought possible. Our electrical contractors may help further explain the type of light you currently have, and your choices for replacement. If you are installing a new pool, your options may be more, but again, Callidus Electric can help walk you through the options so that you may make the most informed decision.

Older pools often have incandescent lights, or light bulbs much like a standard light bulb you may see in your home. These bulbs only provide white light. Then came the halegon lights which were more compact and used less power, but also only produce white light. The newest, and most versatile lights, are LED. They are the cheapest to run and offer the widest selection of vibrant colors and even programs to output under the water in your residential or commercial swimming pool.

Regardless of the type of pool light you are currently using, your Callidus Electric contractor will discuss your options and availability of products to install or replace in your swimming pool. Don’t let another season go by and not get the maximum enjoyment from your swimming pool when we are here to help. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our Reno and Las Vegas electrical contractors. Ready to get started with your pool lighting, then visit our locations page.