Property Manager Electrical Services

Property Manager Electrician Las Vegas and RenoElectrical services for property managers is crucial. We at Callidus Electric LLC started this business to give investors, realtors, and even the home owners with only 1 or 2 rentals the best and the cheapest electrical installation and repairs. We have over 10,000 rentals currently that we manage with a 24 hour return time to get an appointment and a 48 hour average completion time. We understand the laws that bind you to get repairs done. We also will not do any repairs without your direct approval of the price.

Many of our clients give us a do not exceed of $150.00 without approval, which is a very small amount compared to most all of the other electrical service companies. We have no complaints to our contractors license on any work we have done since we have been opened. We carry special insurance to protect your house in the event something happens with the work we have done along with the standard insurance that we are required to have . We are the only place you need to call for electrical repairs in your rental, your house, or your business.

We also have the ability to help diagnose simple electrical repairs to help keep your costs down so your profit is up on your rentals. If that weren’t enough, take advantage of our tenant self serve repair list to help them with simple trouble shooting, available to all our realtors. This list should be handed and explained to all of your tenants because most of them are not home owners and may not know how to fix anything or what to do if there is a leak. This will alleviate a lot of your nuisance calls.