Remodeling or adding onto your Las Vegas or Reno home may require more than you initially consider. In order to have a full scope of understanding for what your remodel entails, we strongly recommend having a consultation with a Callidus Electric, electrical contractor during the design phase of your project. With our extensive knowledge and understanding of the electrical system inside of your home, our electricians can assist you with understanding the full scope of your remodeling or room addition project.

Planning Your Remodel – An Electrician’s Perspective

The first phase of any remodeling project is developing a plan. Many homeowners think of electrical as a need at the end of the project and therefore fail to properly plan the needs of their remodeling project. Depending on your situation there are many things which need to be planned for regarding your remodel.

At Callidus Electric we will consider your current electrical use and the capabilities of your electrical system. Depending on your specific remodeling plans we may need to bring your current electrical panel up to code, or even upgrade it to support the increased load. With careful consideration of your future electrical needs, Callidus Electric can help ensure that there are no surprises when it comes to your final electrical services.

Remodeling – With Electrical In Mind

Different types of remodeling require very different types of services. These types of remodeling projects may be grouped to best give you an idea of what may be needed from your electrical system. Whether you are performing a small or major remodeling project, we strongly recommend a consultation with your Callidus Electric contractor, to keep your project on task and prevent delays.

Minor Projects. A small remodeling project may include the changing out of windows, fixtures or other aesthetics. Often they do not include changes to the electrical needs of your system, but many home owners like to take advantage of the disruption and install electrical safety features during even minor projects.

Upgrade Projects. When it comes time to update the look and feel of your home or any room you may be considering increased functionality or improvements. Some of the most common examples include kitchen upgrades, and bathroom upgrades. Depending on your final configuration you may need to move electrical outlets or install additional plugs.

Conversion Projects. Whether it’s converting a basement into living space or a garage into a bedroom, it is likely that your conversion project will require electrical improvements. At Callidus Electric we can help you complete your conversion project smoothly.

Addition Projects. Bumping out a new room or adding on a new wing will almost definitely require electrical improvements. Similar to conversion projects there are likely to be several electrical modifications involved in your project.

Regardless of the type of remodeling project you plan on completing, there is only one company in Las Vegas and Reno you need to contact, and that is Callidus Electric. Our electrical contractors have the extensive knowledge you need to complete your project and eliminate the potential for future electrical issues or needs. We help you think of the possibilities in the details you otherwise would likely overlook.