Surveillance Systems

The need for a surveillance system on properties of all types has continued to increase as the cities of  Las Vegas and Reno continue to expand. Over the years, Callidus Electric has assisted in the electrical design and installation of surveillance systems at Public, Commercial, Industrial, and Private sectors properties. Whether you are looking to design and install a new system, want to update or expand on an existing system, or need to swap out, troubleshoot or fix a malfunction within your system, you can put your trust in Callidus to get it completed.

When people think about their surveillance system they usually think only of security cameras and the team used to enforce property and personal safety. When Callidus Electric thinks about your surveillance system we consider how the system can act as a prevention barrier and allow you to act quickly, minimizing threats and resolving issues before they come into reality.

Surveillance & Security System Options Include

  • Camera Installation
  • Security Gates
  • FOB & Access Systems
  • Security Monitoring Rooms
  • CCTV Connectivity
  • Panic Alarms & Triggers

Your entire security and surveillance system requires solid, active function of electrical use in order to keep you, your family, and your staff safe. Make sure that it is designed, installed and maintained by the right electrical team, Callidus Electric. No one else considered your safety more valuable than us.