Emergency Service

24 Hour Electrical Services

There’s no way to plan for an electrical emergency, and if you experience a major issue after regular business hours it isn’t always practical to wait until the next business day. It always seems to be the heat wave over a holiday weekend that your A/C decides to go out, your panel melts, or power to your freezers seem to stop. For some reason the power to your pool will randomly halt in the middle of a freezing cold night in the winter. Whatever the odd hour or inconvenience, Callidus Electric is there when you need us.

Servicing Your Emergencies

Where many of the electrical contractors in Las Vegas and Reno turn their service off our electricians stay on call. Our intention is to be not just electricians, but electricians that have your back. And that goes for homeowners and business alike. If you have an emergency at any time after hours call our main line and a live person will answer to help get you assistance immediately.

Some of the most common reasons we are called after hours is due to:

A/C System Failure
Power Outages
Circuit Failure to Major Appliances
Burned Out Parking Lot & Exterior Lights
Wiring Failure

Before Your Call

If you are experiencing a power outage we may recommend a few steps to ensure that it’s something that warrants calling an emergency electrical contractor.

Whole Home Out of Power? Check to see if your Las Vegas or Henderson, Reno or Sparks neighborhood is experiencing an outage. Click Here

Could You Have Tripped a Circuit? Look for a tripped breaker in your box or on the outlet itself. If you see one be sure that whatever was drawing power is turned off before turning it back on or it may trip again or cause a power surge.

Frequently Tripping Circuits? Check to ensure that you are not overloading a circuit. Drawing too much power on one circuit may result in frequently tripping circuits in your home or business.