Emergency Service

24 Hour Electrical Services

There’s no way to plan for an electrical emergency, and if you experience a major issue after regular business hours it isn’t always practical to wait until the next business day. It always seems to be the heat wave over a holiday weekend that knocks your A/C  out, melts or short circuits your panels, or cut power to your important freezers. Even if for some reason the power to your pool will randomly halt in the middle of a freezing cold night in the winter, you know you need an emergency electrician. Whatever the odd hour or inconvenience, Callidus Electric is there when you need us.

Servicing Your Emergencies

Where many of the emergency electrical contractors in Las Vegas, Henderson and Reno turn their service off after regular business hours, our electricians stay on call. Our goal is not just to be a company of electricians but to be a company that you can rely on. And that goes for homeowners and business alike. If you have an emergency at any time after hours call our main line and a live person will answer to help get you assistance immediately.

Some of the most common reasons we are called after hours is due to:

A/C System Failure
Power Outages
Circuit Failure to Major Appliances
Burned Out Parking Lot & Exterior Lights
Wiring Failure

Before Your Call

If you are experiencing a power outage we may recommend a few steps to ensure that it’s something that warrants calling an emergency electrical contractor.

Commercial Electrical Emergency

If you are a business owner then we recommend calling a professional immediately because commercial electrical systems tend to require more professional and dedicated attention. Do not hesitate to call a 24 hour electrician or an emergency electrician if your business is experiencing problems.

Residential Electrical Emergency

On the other hand, if you’re experiencing  a residential electrical emergency, then try some of the solutions we offer below.

Whole Home Out of Power? Often times in Las Vegas, Reno and Henderson, the power goes out for whatever reason. And chances are it might not be your fault. If you want to check whether you’re experiencing an electrical emergency or if it’s the town power that’s out, then visit the government website here.

Could You Have Tripped a Circuit? Look for a tripped breaker in your box or on the outlet itself. If you see a tripped breaker be sure that whatever was drawing power is turned off before turning it back on or it may trip again or even cause a power surge.

Frequently Tripping Circuits? Circuits frequently trip as a result of overloading the system. This is usually done by having too many appliances or sources drawing power. The solution is to either unplug some items or to upgrade your electrical systems.

Our mission at Callidus Electric is to be a brand that you can count on at all hours for all of your problems. Integrity, quality and professionalism are what we bring to the table. If you’re experiencing an emergency, call us today at 702-403-4562.