Important to our business, only after customer and quality services, is providing the most advanced green energy solutions available. Located in a city that sees nearly 300 sunny days a year makes solar energy one of the most cost effective of all the green energy options. As we see the need for installing solar panels and solar units continue to increase throughout the Las Vegas valley and Reno area, we find ourselves at the forefront of technology and service.

Our goal is to promote, install, and provide homeowners and businesses with a variety of green energy solutions. Time and time again, our customers are demanding solar. Solar provides an abundance of benefits to not only your home and business, but also the environment. At the end of the day, solar saves money though, and that’s usually the deciding factor for choosing installation.

Cost Versus Saving Analysis

Choosing solar always comes down to cost versus savings. Even the most environmentally conscious person makes their final decision on based on this analysis. When you choose to install solar at your home or for your business Callidus Electric will begin with a cost versus savings analysis, and help you understand the full potential and benefits of the system you have in mind to install. With so many options and constantly advancing technology, you owe it to yourself to explore solar options.

“There have been numerous studies about solar power. One research study suggests that covering just 1% of the world’s deserts with solar panel arrays could provide one fifth of the world’s current electricity needs! When paired with greenhouses, solar power plants could even grow vegetables and crops by using seawater evaporators to provide humidity and ideal growing conditions.

The use of solar home heating and solar water heating can also have significant positive effects on the environment. Although many homeowners find the expense of installing solar panels too daunting, it should be noted that using solar power to even partially provide your energy needs will also result in savings on your electrical bill.” –

Go Green

We have and always will try to make your house more efficient with everything electrical service, and every electrical installation. Reducing your usage includes the use of top LED lighting brands available on the market. By upgrading your system and changing out materials Callidus Electric can save you thousands of dollars off of your power bill.