How to make sure you have a good contractor.

First make sure you the company that you called has references and is licensed with valid insurance. It is your right and your responsibility to find this information out. They will always say yes, so ask to see the proof. Second is to make sure they show up on time for an estimate and you like the way they have presented themselves to you. Third, do they answer all of your questions in a matter that makes sense to you?   Fourth, Do they have confidence in what you want done? Fifth, did they show up on time? Sixth, if they are just a salesman a (clean white shirt and khakis)and not a journeyman or higher of the particular trade with years of experience then you are probably paying way too much money.

Good companies will send out established tradesmen so they do not waste time and money by just getting a signature for work you do not think you want. Only agree to purchase what you want and if it seems too expensive then it probably is.